Plant seeds now to help your garden “spring forward” this weekend!   #PlantAFlowerDay

Let’s Get Started

Spring is just around the corner! Whether you live in a warm climate or it still feels like winter outside, you can plant seeds now to start your garden.

March 12th is National Plant a Flower Day and Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. So it is the perfect time to plan for Spring.

Here are some seed planting tips:




You and your family can help wildlife by planting flowers for pollinators and learning about native plants.




To decide the types of seeds that you want to plant, first find out what grows where you live. You can do this easily by looking up the Hardiness Zone for your area  on the USDA website. It will help you learn the types of flowers that naturally grow in your area. Some will be perennials (plants that grow back every year) and some are annuals (plants that require planting every year).




Once you know what grows well in your area decide with your family where you want to plant them. Will you start a container garden on a porch, patio or outside your window, or plant them in your yard, community garden or at school?




If you live in a warmer climate, plant your seeds outside. But if freezing temperatures are still in your forecast, plant your seeds in simple containers indoors. Reuse a cardboard box, egg carton or  even eggshells as planters to start your seeds.

Place your planted seeds in a sunny window. Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Follow the seed package’s instructions for proper germination of the seedling. When the weather is nicer plant your seedlings outside.

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Document Your Discoveries

Photo: RichLegg
  1. Plan your garden in your Nature Notebook.
  2. Keep a record of how your seeds grow.

Bonus: Learn how to certify your flower garden as a Wildlife Habitat.


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